Feb. 2, 2021

2. Pivoting + Live Streaming with Dan Mangan

2. Pivoting + Live Streaming with Dan Mangan

The COVID pandemic has had a huge effect on the music industry + without live shows, many  artists + businesses have had to pivot in order to stay afloat in the last year. And who better to talk to about pivoting than Vancouver indie musician Dan Mangan. Dan is not just an artist, he's also the co-owner of Side Door Access, a business that Dan describes as "Airbnb but for shows" + they obviously had to pivot big time last year + have become a lucrative + solid platform for musicians to do ticketed live stream shows. Jen talks to Dan about how his music career has been affected by the pandemic + how Side Door Access turned lemons into lemonade by skillfully pivoting their business.

Dan recommends: Vancouver musician Sam Tudor 
Jen recommends: Numero Group playlists on Spotify

You can find Dan Mangan at danmanganmusic.com

And check out Fritz Media at fritzmedia.ca