March 9, 2021

7. Patreon / Recurring Income Streams with Tyler Bancroft

7. Patreon / Recurring Income Streams with Tyler Bancroft

So it’s now officially a full year since we’ve been living with the COVID pandemic + it obviously has had a very detrimental effect on the music industry. It’s affected everyone in the business, from record labels to booking agents to managers to promoters to publicity companies like mine, and of course, the musicians themselves. Everyone has had to pivot to figure out different ways to bring income in.

Many musicians are trying different things to see what works, like ticketed live streams + some artists are dipping their toes into recurring revenue streams + trying subscription models like Patreon. And one of those bands is Vancouver band + provider of The FM Podcast theme music - Said The Whale! And our guest on the show this week is Tyler Bancroft. Tyler is the vocalist/guitarist for Said the Whale + he also runs Be Good artist management, which manages acts like Titus Bank + Big Kill, along with his own band Said the Whale. Tyler + I discuss their recent launch of a Said The Whale Patreon page for their fans + what they’re doing to find recurring + sustainable income for the band during this crazy time. 

Tyler recommends: Before The Data
Jen recommends: Hole - Live Through This

Said The Whale - Mother

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