Feb. 9, 2021

3. Lessons Learned with Ryland Moranz

3. Lessons Learned with Ryland Moranz

When you choose to have a career in music, you often end up wearing a lot of different hats + learn about many different aspects of the business. And Alberta-based singer-songwriter Ryland Moranz is definitely an artist that knows all about this. Ryland releases his own music as a solo musician, is a part of Leeroy Stagger's band The Rebeltone Sound + he's even worked as a tour manager. Jen talks to Ryland about his experiences in wearing all of these hats, to see if he could share some of the lessons that he's learned in the process.

Ryland recommends: C.R. Avery's new film VICTORY ON EAST HASTINGS
Jen recommends: Arlo Parks' new album Collapsed in Sunbeams

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