March 23, 2021

9. Artist Management with Savannah Wellman

9. Artist Management with Savannah Wellman

The theme of this week’s episode is Artist Management + I talk to Savannah Wellman from Tiny Kingdom Music

Savannah runs Tiny Kingdom with her business partner and best friend Meagan Davidson + their company not only manages musicians but they also do grant writing and they recently started their own record label which just released ‘Boxes’ - the killer collab from Vancouver musicians  IAMTHELIVING + Teon Gibbs. 

Savannah’s experiences in the music industry have seen her on both sides of the curtain. Her journey included a degree in music, followed by years of performing + touring in various projects, and continued at Music BC where she was the project manager for artist development initiatives including the PEAK Performance Project. 

Savannah + I had a great chat about what it’s like to be managing artists in 2021 + how her business has been affected by the COVID pandemic 

Savannah recommends: IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs - Distance
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IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs - Boxes

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