May 16, 2023

42. How To DIY In 2023 with Shawn Petsche

42. How To DIY In 2023 with Shawn Petsche

The topic of this week’s show is HOW TO DIY IN 2023 and joining me on the show is Shawn Petsche who recently created Trickle Down Music which is a great online resource for indie musicians. Shawn is also a musician and was Festival Manager for the Sled Island Music and Arts Festival in Calgary for over 10 years. 

We had a great conversation about the struggles independent musicians face these days when they try to "do it themselves" and what led him to create his amazing new website to help educate artists. 

It was a really great talk and I hope you enjoy it!

Shawn recommends: Pat Finnerty / What Makes This Song Stink?
Jen recommends: Jason Isbell - Running With Our Eyes Closed

Self-Cut Bangs - In Colour

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