April 19, 2022

37. Creating Change with Keziah Myers

37. Creating Change with Keziah Myers

The topic of this week’s show is Creating Change and I’m talking to Keziah Myers - who is someone who is doing a lot to create change in the Canadian music industry!

Keziah is the Executive Director of ADVANCE - which is Canada's Black Music Business Collective and she also sits on the board and is the spokesperson for the Black Canadian Music Awards which just started last year. 

We talked about how music industry professionals can help to level the playing field when it comes to diversity and inclusion. And she also offered advice for Black musicians and music industry professionals that are currently frustrated by the lack of diversity in the Canadian Music Industry.

It was a great talk and I hope you enjoy it!

Keziah recommends: Adria Kain (ft. Leila Dey) - Classic
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The Blue and Gold - When The Levee Breaks

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