April 5, 2022

35. Staying Relevant In Music with WiL

35. Staying Relevant In Music with WiL

So this week’s show is a fun one! I talked to West Coast singer-songwriter WiL and we discussed the ups and downs of his long career and how to stay relevant in the music industry. 

I’ve known WiL for a long time and he loves to chat so you’ll notice that this episode is a bit longer than normal but that’s because we had a lot to cover! We talked about how WiL got his start in music, his career over the years and how it all led to him releasing his new album The Gold Mine, which is coming out on May 13th. 

We had a great talk and I hope you enjoy it! Oh and I should warn you - there a lot of F-bombs in this episode, so be careful where you listen to it!

WiL recommends: The Monkees - Me & Magdalena / Jonny Greenwood  - 25 Years
Jen recommends: Harry Styles - As It Was 

WiL - I'm Sorry

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