April 27, 2021

14. Social Activism In Music with Neon Empty

14. Social Activism In Music with Neon Empty

So this week’s show is all about Social Activism in Music + joining me on the show is Vancouver rapper Neon Empty (aka Bryce Lokken) who just released a single last week called 'Red Lives Don't' a song that he describes as  “an expression of frustration and disgust with white Canada’s hypocrisy about racial inequality during the summer 2020 - the summer of Black Lives Matter.”

Neon Empty, who is Métis, uses shocking language on 'Red Lives Don't' to get people’s attention in order to highlight a very important problem that we have in Canada - anti-Indigenous racism. He uses it to be heard in the same way that Black Lives Matter activists use "Defund The Police”. 

And to quote Neon Empty: “This song is a callout to Canada's hypocrisy. You can't tackle systemic racism in Canada without addressing our deepest-rooted, bloodiest, most vulgar problem: the hatred of Indigenous people and our constant attempt to silence, destroy, and minimize those who look like my grandmother.” His grandmother by the way is a residential school survivor + we’ll get into that during the interview.

This is a really great chat + just a heads-up that there are a few more f-bombs than usual in this episode, so it’s probably not suitable for work or around the kids, etc.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Neon Empty - Red Lives Don't

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