April 20, 2021

13. How To Be A Better Singer with Greg Barker

13. How To Be A Better Singer with Greg Barker

This week's show is all about singing, which is something I pretty much have ZERO experience in. And joining me on the show is someone who thankfully knows more about singing than I do - Greg Barker - who is one of the founders of Singdaptive. Greg is going to tell us all about Singdaptive, which is a multi-instructor online learning platform for singer-musicians. As well as his new venture - Exchangely which is  asynchronous + team-based 1-on-1 coaching for singers.

So if you’ve been sitting at home during the pandemic wondering how you could become a better singer, this is definitely the show for you! 

Greg recommends: Maytree - iPhone Acapella + Playing For Change
Jen recommends: Billie Eilish - The World's A Little Blurry + TINA (Tina Turner doc)

Quinn Pickering - Grapefruit

You can find Greg at singdaptive.com
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