March 30, 2021

10. Music Journalism In The Digital Age with Sajae Elder

10. Music Journalism In The Digital Age with Sajae Elder

So a few weeks ago we did an episode about the state of music journalism in Canada + I talked to Mike Devlin who is an arts reporter for the Victoria Times-Colonist. And this week’s episode is sort of a Music Journalism in Canada Part 2 episode, where we take a look at music journalism in the digital age + explore the online side of things since we mostly discussed music journalism at traditional media outlets on Mike’s episode. 

And joining me this week is Sajae Elder who is a Toronto-based culture writer + content creator for The Fader, Complex, Vice, Buzzfeed + many others. Sajae + I discuss what music journalism looks like in the online space in 2021, whether music journalism is still relevant, and what it’s like to be a Black woman working as a culture journalist in Canada.

Sajae recommends: serpentwithfeet - Deacon
Jen recommends: St. Vincent - Pay Your Way In Pain

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